Simulating Plastic Flow Deformation of Wood with Moving Particle Hydrodynamics (MPH) method

  • Kondo, Masahiro (AIST)
  • Abe, Mitsuru (AIST)
  • Seki, Masako (AIST)
  • Miki, Tsunehisa (AIST)
  • Matsumoto, Junichi (AIST)

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The wood flow forming (WFF) is simulated with using the moving particle hydrodynamics (MPH) method, which is one of the particle methods for complex fluid flows. Since the WFF can form complex shapes from solid-state wood, it is a key technology for the various use of wood in industry. The plastic deformation in WFF is a multiscale phenomenon because the microstructure of wood cells affects the macroscopic deformation of the wood. To take the microstructure into consideration, a coarse cell-like structure was introduced in the MPH simulation, and the characteristic deformation in WFF was qualitatively reproduced.