Invited Sessions

Plenary lectures will be complemented by Invited Sessions organized by recognized experts in targeted research areas and related to all the important topics of the conference.

Participants interested in organizing an Invited Session as part of PARTICLES 2023 are requested to submit a proposal to the conference secretariat.

IS01 - Discrete and Particle Methods in Solid and Structural Mechanics
Organized by:
Eduardo M. B. Campello, University of São Paulo, Brazil
Liang-Yee Cheng, University of São Paulo, Brazil
Alfredo Gay Neto, University of São Paulo, Brazil

IS02 - Fracture and Fragmentation with DEM
Organized by:
Ferenc Kun, University of Debrecen, Hungary
Falk K. Wittel, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

IS03 - Granular Plasticity
Organized by:
François Nicot, Université Savoie Mont Blanc, France
Antoine Wautier, Aix-Marseille Université, France
Félix Darve, Université Grenoble-Alpes, France

IS04 - Industrial application of DEM & CFD-DEM
Organized by:
Rouven Weiler, BASF, Germany
Christoph Kloss & Christoph Goniva, DCS Computing GmbH, Austria

IS06 - Processing particulate material in an industrial environment
Organized by:
Bernhard Peters, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Henrik Rusche, WIKKI, Gesellschaft für numerische Kontinuumsmechanik mbH, Germany
Hrvoje Jasak, University of Zagreb, Croatia

IS07 - The Material Point Method - Recent Advances
Organized by:
Zhen Chen, University of Missouri, USA
Xiong Zhang, Tsinghua University, China

IS08 - Multiscale modelling of complex fluids using particle-based methods
Organized by:
Nicolas Moreno, Florencio Balboa Usabiaga and Marco Ellero
BCAM - Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, Spain

IS9 Particle-based methods in mining and mineral processing
Organized by:
Simon Larsson and Pär Jonsen, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden

IS10 - Upscaling of particle systems
Organized by:
Stefanos-Aldo Papanicolopulos, Jin Y. Ooi, Kevin J. Hanley, The University of Edinburgh, UK
Vanessa Magnanimo, University of Twente, Netherlands

IS11 - Fundamentals of DEM AND CFD-DEM: recent advanced and challenges
Organized by:
Christoph Kloss Arno Mayrhofer and Christoph Goniva, DCS Computing GmbH, Austria
Stefan Radl, Graz University of Technology, Austria

IS12 - Computational modeling of manufacturing processes using particle and meshless methods
Organized by:
Josep Maria Carbonell, CIMNE, Spain
Juan Manuel Rodríguez, Universidad EAFIT, Medellín, Colombia
Jean-Philippe Ponthot and Eduardo Fernandez-Sanchez, Liege University, Belgium

IS13 - Data-Driven modelling of particulate and multiphase systems
Organized by:
Christopher Windows-Yule, The University of Birmingham, UK

IS14 - Particle-Based methods for natural hazards simulation
Organized by:
Massimiliano Cremonesi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Johan Gaume, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
Antonia Larese, Universitá di Padova, Italy

IS15 - Advances of particle shape and scale in DEM enabled by GPU/HPC computing
Organized by:
Nicolin Govender, University of Johannesburg/RCPE, Austria
Daniel Wilke, University of Pretoria, South Africa
Johann Remmelgas, RCPE, Austria

IS16 - Micro-Macro Methods for States and Transitions: from Particles to Continuum
Organized by:
Stefan Luding, University of Twente, Netherlands
Dalila Vescovi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

IS17 - Recent advances and applications of the Particle Finite Element Method (PFEM)
Organized by:
Alessandro Franci and Juan Gimenez,
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain /CIMNE, Spain

IS18 – Particle-laden flows
Organized by:
Sergio R. Idelsohn and Eugenio Oñate, CIMNE, Spain

IS19 - Numerical modelling of impacts of/on granular media
Organized by:
Claudio di Prisco, Irene Redaelli, Pietro Marveggio, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

IS20 - Particle methods for oil and gas industries
Organized by:
Miguel Ángel Celigueta, Guillermo Casas, Ignasi de Pouplana
Altair Engineering, Spain /CIMNE, Spain

IS21 – MPM modelling of soil-water structure interaction problems in Geomechanics
Organized by:
Francesca Ceccato, Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy
Alba Yerro, Virginia Tech, USA
Mario Martinelli, Geo-Engineering Unit, Deltares, Delft, the Netherlands
Pietro Marveggio, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

IS22 - Particle Methods for large deformation problems in geomechanics
Organized by:
Lluís Montforte, CIMNE, Spain
Josep Maria Carbonell, Universitat de Vic-Universitat Central de Catalunya, Spain
Matteo O. Ciantia, University of Dundee, UK
Marcos Arroyo, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain

IS23 - Multiphysics and coupled modelling with particle methods
Organized by:
Jerky Rojek, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
Tarek Zohdi, University of California, Berkeley, USA

IS25 - Coupled approaches between particle and continuum methods for solids mechanics and fluid-structure interaction problems
Organized by:
Alejandro Cornejo,Francisco Zárate, Eugenio Oñate
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain /CIMNE, Spain

IS26 - Advances in particle-scale perspectives in multiphysics particle systems
Organized by:
D. Wilke, University of Pretoria, South Africa
P. Pizette, IMT Nord Europe, Douai, France
J. Joubert, University of Lille, France

IS27 - Particle Based Models for Biological and Biomedical Systems
Organized by:
D. Mukherjee, University of Colorado Boulder, US