A methodology for 3D concrete printing process modelling using the Discrete Element Method (DEM)

  • Karkaba, Hassan (IMT Nord Europe)
  • Pizette, Patrick (IMT Nord Europe)
  • Etienne, Lucien (IMT Nord Europe)
  • Guilloteau, Alexis (IMT Nord Europe)
  • Langueh, Kokou (IMT Nord Europe)
  • Lecoeuche, Stephane (IMT Nord Europe)
  • Juge Hubert, Didier (IMT Nord Europe)

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Nowadays 3D printing usage for concrete structures is gaining attention due to its impact on reducing construction costs and increasing design flexibility. Although, studies must be performed in order to improve the quality of the printing. Usually, experiments are conducted to study and optimize 3D printing mechanism. But due to its high cost and difficulties associated with measurements of printing parameters make it crucial to optimize the printing process. Thus, numerical modeling is a better approach for performing such studies. This paper focuses on the numerical modeling of the 3D printing of concrete using the Discrete Element Method (DEM)