Advances in the numerical simulation of machining processes using the PFEM

  • Rodríguez Prieto, Juan Manuel (EAFIT)
  • Larsson, Simon (LTU)
  • Carbonell, Josep Maria (Universitat de Vic)

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This work presents a summary of the recent advances in the numerical simulation of machining using Particle Finite Elements (PFEM). The numerical models reproducing the machining of a material is a matter of interest in several areas: the improvement of the material properties of the piece, the optimization of the process parameters and tool geometries and the prediction of unexpected failures. We present recent improvements in the finite element formulation, the meshing re-connections, the contact detection algorithms, the time integration scheme for the balance equations, the constitutive model of the piece and new temperature dependent friction coefficient modelling. By applying these developments, the PFEM has the capability for modelling the processes both in 2D and 3D. In this work the accuracy of the numerical simulations is validated with experimental results.