Computational investigation of the influence on the granular temperature in the sand screen performance

  • González-Usúa, Joaquín (CIMNE)
  • Casas, Guillermo (CIMNE)
  • de Pouplana, Ignasi (UPC)
  • Oñate, Eugenio (CIMNE)

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In this work, we conduct a numerical investigation of the interaction of granular matter with sieves using the discrete element method. In particular, we study the sensitivity of such systems with respect to the average granular temperature, gap width and average porosity fields, focusing on uniform size distributions of particles. Some conclusions related to the issue of sand production in oil wells are drawn. This investigation is conducted with the hope of gaining insight for the development of effective boundary conditions for continuum-based multicomponent fluid simulations of dense particle-laden flows and their interactions when sand screens are present, since CFD-DEM approaches are prohibitively expensive in realistic industrial settings.