Efficient and Scalable GPU-oriented SPH Solver: A Real Application Study

  • Daroz, Vinicius (Ansys)
  • Bharadwaj, Rahul (Ansys)
  • Potapov, Alexander (Ansys)
  • Wohlers, Elizabeth (Sub-Zero Inc.)
  • Bortoletto, Anderson (Sub-Zero Inc)

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This study presents a numerical validation of a real-scale dishwasher using a GPU-oriented Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) solver, implemented in the commercial code Ansys Rocky. The incompressible and compressible SPH approaches are compared in terms of accuracy and performance. The simulation results show that the SPH method can accurately predict the flow patterns inside the dishwasher as well as the dynamics of moving parts, agreeing well with experimental data. Moreover, the results show that the incompressible SPH method brings considerable advantages for large-scale problems in terms of simulation performance, placing itself as a better candidate over the Finite Volume Method (FVM) for free surface applications.